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Yeah Boy! Nasa To Turn An Asteroid Into A Space Station

By on January 7, 2013

Scientists did indeed send a proposal to The White House Office of Science as the clever little buggers do indeed want to capture an asteroid near earth and bring the 500 ton “bubba” to the moons orbit by 2025. It is indeed a behemoth of a plan and budget that is of $ 2.6 billion, wait a minute that’s not that much, that’s about as much as the Whynn Hotel in Las Vegas cost to build. It’s a sick world eh?

This brilliant plan would be ideal to push things forward into the ever crazy mission to Mars, the asteroid would be converted into a base for human habitation and mined for natural resources, and if successful would definitely give scientists and NASA the biggest boner ever, and we all know where boners and lead us all. That’s right to either amazing opportunities, or the really bad opportunities. Though we’re talking an asteroid here, Johnny F Kennedy is dressed in a red tight red costume dancing on the Presidents shoulder right now, dry humping Obama’s ear. Everyone is excited to see The White House approve this proposal that was put together by Keck Institute for Space Studies. Capturing the asteroid will involve solar propulsion systems and a “de-spinning method”. So nerdy it’s hot right?

Here at GW we have to look at the whole picture, this could be amazing, it’s exciting as mamma’s cookies, we could learn how to live on asteroids and be closer to Ridley Scott’s fruity dreams, though also the fact that this mission is to see if we can exploit space-based natural materials is kinda fucked up. It’s like we’re running out of oil here, lets find find some oil from outta space! Woo hoo!  Way to piss of the creatures in the deep space. Anywhoo! The executive decision from the man with the neat and tidy afro is coming soon.

We are getting closer to this

Read the whole report from Keck HERE


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