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The Satorialist, Hmmmm!

By on March 31, 2014



It has been a while now that people have been going on about this dude, The Satorialist. I decided to look into his work while wearing some rose-tinted John Lennon glasses. Meaning with optimistic eyes. So I looked at the photo above. Some trust-fund kid, wearing hiking boots with red laces, calling Verizon on updating his plan? Nada. I just cant find anything at all, I searched and I searched. Everyone takes pictures of people for fashion, Do’s And Don’ts, Street Boners, Perez Hilton. Yada, yada. I used to be heavily involved in that debris, though then I turned 30.

Maybe its just this photo is not prepossessing enough, so to speak. Then I realized it’s probably a mind trick, you know those mind tricks that really twist peoples melons? Like that one where Damien Hirst, is actually Banksy? I realized motherfucker Satorialist is doing this, right here in this picture. He’s used the same apartment as the one in that music video Ethan Hawke directed for that corky chick, this one HERE

This guy is a genius!



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