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Melissa Auf Der Maur On Red Heads

By on November 11, 2014

Are you a man with red fever? Do you love the way redhead’s are easily camouflaged in the autumn foliage? Or do you just have Mommy issues because she’s a redhead?

Redheads have some strange and also loveable differences, they get headaches faster then most women, supposed to bleed more then your average blond slut and also, this could be his why they’re so a fiery, because their blood rushes to their head faster.  Though allegedly gingers are very strong, great lovers, very creative and supportive, (if you don’t mess around and keep you ferret in your pants that’s is) Along with this come the freckles, which are just adorable, aviation blondes could only wish to have these qualities.

My favorite three ginger babes are Marilyn Monroe, Molly Ringwald and Melissa Auf Der Maur . Auf Der Maur who is the ex-bass player of Smashing Pumpkins and Hole and now on her solo adventure of pure psychedelic sex-rock, she talked to me on being a what its like being a rad-red bambina in this weird world we live in. Just because we all need to know, you know?

Tell us about being a red head?

My Mother says “wear sunscreen”, or else you will get those red-ish brown spots that appear on your flesh and stain you forever.  My Doctor says I would hate to operate on you because we gush blood much faster than normal people.  I’ve had chronic nosebleeds haunt me since childhood.

Going deeper?

There are two connections to the old worlds and witches. Depicted in old paintings and folk tales, redheads were often considered otherworldly. As we were the “minority” within the Caucasian race, there is a constant feeling of being  so different. At this point, some researchers say that there will be no more ginger babies being born past the year 2040, due to everyone fucking and diluting the bloodline. In any case there will certainly be less of us, making us even freakier.

Even deeper?

Redheads possesses the weakest and most recessive gene. Even a girl with blond hair with blue eyes can plow right over us. The red gene skips generations in a random way, so you’ll never know when they’ll show up. It can be quite a shock for a Sophia Lauren-type dark beauty such as my Mother, who responded with “ That’s not my child, nurse, you’ve made a mistake” Upon being presented with me. I hear that aliens gravitate towards us. Some time ago I was “visited” by a shadow-y, willow-y” creature giving me the finger at the end of my bed. Who knows it may have been the red antenna that guiding him there.

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  1. Melvin O'Shea

    October 30, 2012 at 4:08 am

    I love reds! Melissa is a very sexy woman

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