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Interview With Timo Vuorensola The Amazing Director With Iron Balls

By on December 6, 2012

Timo Vuorensola is an amazing director who looks a like a Finnish Seth Rogen, though a little sexier. His film Iron Sky gave us all so much more faith in Sci-Fi, and he delivered the most cutting edge films in our times, with elements of comedy, spectacular CGI effects and yes, Nazi’s. This director made as all scratch our heads as we needed a wake-up call on scripts, directing and effects. Goldwoody would go as far as to say he is in the best top ten directors of the decade, his team and partners are all also the most creative buggers around, meaning the CGI and effects are insane. It makes us all wonder why other Sci-Fi films with $100 million budgets are so shit. You can tell that the effects team (Troll) put love into this basically for every dollar they raised from crowd sourcing, $5000 dollars went in of labour.

We talked to Timo on his Iron balls and how he got away with this ballsy content, we talked on his newest projects Jeremiah Harm, and also his next film I killed Adolph Hitler.

GW: Timo how you doing?

TV: I’m pretty fine I’m having a few drinks here with friends and going to see a band, so pretty good.

GW: Oh nice! What band?

TV. Its a Finnish band you wouldn’t know them.

GW: I wanted to catch up with you on everything! First of all were great fans of the film Iron Sky, we love it! It gave us faith in Sci-Fi films again. So how was this putting this together because its a very edgy topic, when you bring Nazi’s into a film it can be a tricky situation were you wary at all?

TV: Yeah I mean there’s a big difference, I mean if you create another or (Nazi) film that’s the story of its own but when its a fictitious Nazi film, and its not based on real events and is making fun of the Nazi’s, it gets even more complicated to do in many ways. You’re sort of dancing in a line of where it goes, where it becomes tasteless or has an unnecessarily bad taste, you don’t want that to happen you want to still be pushing the boundaries, but not going across to the other side and making it a crappy thing.

It was a tricky thing to get the whole thing right we had a long process, it took a long time to convince our financiers and basically everybody involved that we know what were doing, and this is not going to be a disaster with everybody involved. It took a little while but we were very, very persistent and never gave up, we always kept on believing and told them to trust us, and now they are happy they did that.

I think we are all at the stage were we can do these things without being a Nazi.

Yeah I think its an important part of the collaborative healing process of Europe and the whole world, its to start to be able to also laugh at the Nazi’s and ridiculousness of their ideology and their approach to things, its part of the process. I mean ten years ago you wouldn’t be able to do Iron Sky, but know a days its possible, things take time.

I think were at that stage also. You started off with directing Star Wreck, and working with Samuli Torronen, are you partners now?

We started off with Star Wreck and created quite a fluid collaboration there so we sort understand each other and our visions quite clearly, its much easier to work with somebody you know. Personally I cant do any CGI myself, but a have a very, very clear view on how they should be done. So to get this communication to someone and that someone to get this communication to the CGI team, is a very important process. Sometimes when you work with a visual effects supervisor you don’t share the same vision, it becomes very complicated because you have to explain every little detail, but someone who knows from just a few words, Samuli knows exactly how to translate that into CGI. So now were working on another film.

You gave fans the opportunity to invest in Iron Sky, you raised 1.5 million Euros?

TV: 1.2 Million Euros!

Would you use this formula again or now that you have recognition would you do things differently, whats your advice on this?

Yeah good question, I think its a very project related thing, my next film I wont be doing this kind of crowd sourcing funding at all, the financing structure is so different that its not necessary to do that. I think unless you have to do it, then you shouldn’t do it. If you don’t need a bank loan or crowd sourcing for money then you shouldn’t do it, because its always trouble and its always a problematic thing to do. With the next film it wouldn’t work, but then again for in the future for its going to be definitely used as a way of financing. Its important to start the process, you have to identify things that you are able to do with that, when its from the crowd sourcing.

Can you talk about the project Adolph Hitler?

Its a really good time travel story about two hit men that are sent back in time to assassinate Adolph Hitler, before he becomes the ruler of Germany, before he becomes the mad man he is. They sail, Hitler manages to escape in a time machine to the future and then well… Its really cleverly written.

And Jeremiah Harm?

Its a Science Fiction western made with that with the 80s and 90s mentality that i grew up watching, its sort of a homage to those films, its my first Hollywood feature. The reason I really like that is because I think that Science Fiction is not going through a good time at the moment, there are only a few science fiction films that are worth any mentioning. That’s the reason why I like Jemimah Harm,  because its going back into the routes of science fiction movies and western movies and those action movies, its that fun and straight forward action but packaged in a modern way.

Any casting?

I cant announce anything now, though were casting.



Check out Jermaih Harm Promo trailer here,  The story is based bounty hunter sent on a mission to future New York City to hunt down a band of strange criminals and the woman they have kidnapped. It looks fucking amazing, so get ready. Yeah Boy! By the way we totally think that Timo and Seth Rogen should fight each other on screen, it would look very funny in 3D-ish. Topless as the rain falls on the moon. Boom!














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  1. Wanker

    December 7, 2012 at 12:40 am

    Pretty ballsy shit even if they’re mocking the nazis

  2. Joan Of Hark

    December 8, 2012 at 9:38 pm

    He’s way Sexier than Seth Rogen!

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