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Goldwoody Best Of’s: Exclusive Seth Rogen Interview

By on August 11, 2014


Hey Seth. Great movie how do you feel?

I feel pretty good bout it I think we took a risk by making such a crazy movie and particularly massive self indulgent movie and people seemed to get what we were going for which is always nice and much better than the alternative when they don’t get what you’re going for.

You feel like you’re baked on Canadian lemon kush watching this.

Well we smoked allot of weed while writing the movie so I imagine it kind of works its way into the oral vibe of the movie. Well we like the movies to be unpredictable and strange and surreal and crazy. Obviously the most exciting moments are when were filming something or writing something and were looking at each other like “this is crazy” if this really works then this will be truly insane” and I think if does work then it feels like that (laughs).

You’re up there with John Candy now, you’re from Vancouver you never thought about going back?

Nice!!! Well I go back all the time, though I mean I met my wife eight years ago and she lives here in LA and I have lots of friends here, I mean I definitely consider going back though you just cant work as well from there as you can as you live here you know.


I got friends in the band The Arcade Fire-

-Oh Yeah I actually went to high school with one of the girls from the band.


Oh Yeah did you get in there?

No not at all (laughs)

I think if they went there they would get doors closed on them, if you look scruffy/cool they everyone thinks that your a drug addict, there’s no pay phones and no way in hell you can get cabs because they get robbed all the time, was it sketch growing up there?

At times it was a little sketchy, it definitely gentrified allot since I grew up there, I remember downtown was really bad, I mean Granville, Granby and you would never go hang out on Hastings though now I think its way better as far as heroin addicts go. You now very few people grow up in actual cities when you come from Canada and look at America, you assume they do, me and Evan are from bigger cities than most people we know in America, they’re all from the suburbs and stuff like that. So I think that it was really cool that we were able to have grown up in a big city.

I was 17 when I moved away, I go back though I have an apartment in Vancouver, the next film were making is going to be filmed there, I have family there also, we definitely miss it and try and work or visit there as much as we can.

Good lad. Whats the benefits of being a Canadian in Hollywood?

I think communicably its helped allot, we are not taught to view it as our culture we view it as outsiders and it makes you able to analyze it better and comment on it better and make fun of it better in allot of ways you know.

Its goes for some people from the say the UK, you grow up from a different culture, so being Canadian you grow with all the American TV shows and films and all the same stuff they have, its just not yours.

Do you like the show The littlest Hobo?

Bhahahahahaha! I watched The Littlest Hobo yeah!

Pretty bad ass eh?

Yep Anne of Green Gables not bad at all!

If we financed the film would you be down?

Maybe if they found they right dog to play the hobo in the movie its all about the dog. Yeah!


Were you trying to step your new film up from a pineapple express film, what were you thinking?

HAHAHAHAH! Goooooooood question! We really approached it like, man what would we want to go and see in a movie, if we were just regular people just going to the movies I mean-


-Seth, Seth! Did that question actually make sense?

It kind of made sense yeah! (Laughs)

Our readers are very unique I think most of them will watch your movie though we have to do this interview a unique way. Though they all mostly love the fact that your Canadian.

Ah ha OK! Its OK I get it. Give them they what they want.

Have you ever been to Yellowknife?



What have you heard about it?

Errrrrrrm, (long pause) Its cold. (Laughs). Very cold. I never have been to the northern territories.

Neither have I. Its just a really cool name, Yellowknife.

For sure is (laughs)! You’re very right about that.

So where do you go on your downtime, do you have to drive three miles to find a, well whats the equivalent to Tim Horton in LA?

Man there’s doughnut shops all over LA, LA does have a disproportionally large amount of doughnuts im surprised Tim didn’t come in, sweep them all up. If you want doughnuts in LA oh yeah you can get them. When I was growing up though there was no Tim Horton’s on the west coast, wasn’t nearly as popular as it is now.


Ahhh Thats a shame!

What? Errrm Yeah! (laughs)

What was an embarrassing moment you have had in your life?

Ah man that’s a good question! I got trying to steal a bottle of whiskey out of a limo, though I was already an actor on a TV show, so it was really embarrassing. They guy was like “you don’t have steal shit man”(said in a black southern accent)



Was the limo what or black?

The limo was hmmm, errrr I’m gonna say white to make the story more interesting.

This film is very Canadian, I mean Jay Bucheral from Montreal, Micheal Cera from Toronto, you and Evan Goldberg.

Yeah we did very well on the Canadian side on this.


Who’s your favourite Canadian?

Man that’s a tough one, I’m gonna collectively The kids in the hall are my favourite Canadians.


Yeah a little annoying though they’re good.

Yeah Exactly!

So you and Evan Goldberg, this is a partnership?

It is a partnership! I’m not ready to leave him yet, don’t know what he would do without me.

Anything you want to say?.

Canada watch my movie or I will be really disappointed.

– Maximizer



If you haven’t watched This is The End, it’s out on Blue Ray DVD now and really worth owning. It’s Lemon Kush’s best friend.




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    February 15, 2014 at 11:22 pm

    People do not leave comments anymore on sites, its scary. He this is an exclusive interview with Seth Rogen everybody, I did this interview from my bedroom, while fucked on oxycoton from a bad foot injury I got from wearing too many skateboarding shoes! Is that genius? Come on!

    You’re all a bunch of bullies you know that!

  2. Sick Dick

    March 9, 2014 at 7:19 am

    Thats because you cant leave comments on here. I tried leaving a few though yall all picky and shit on what peeps say.

    Seth Rogen is the man his voice is a little annoying at times tho.

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