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Kenny Hotz Interview

By on March 14, 2015


How is life these days?

I’m really humbled by that. I’ve created 3 separate TV shows all of which I think were pretty good. Now I’m writing and loving it! Just watching TV playing Xbox and eating. Wondering what I’m going to do next, not sure I’m going to do another show with me in front of the camera anymore I totally prefer just writing and producing. I wonder if the climate is ready for anymore of my crazy shit in Canada I think the market is becoming more corporate. It seems like people are just trying to rip off other shows and remake them. I like to do things that have never been done, hoping I’ll still be able to, we’ll see.

What are you wearing?

A Dalmatian Speedo. But it’s cutting into my crevices a bit.

How is the new Bar The Hoxton in Toronto, how is the liver?

I actually couldn’t sleep last night because I could hear my liver whimpering in pain. The Hoxton is amazing! It’s a shit show! Packed with sluts who wont fuck me, just the way I like it. Richard and Jesse from parts and labor are really the brains; I’m more like the Ass. Adam gill and Embrace is on board as well. We’re all very excited about owning the club I just hope the triad doesn’t come in and stuff bamboo in my urethra, forcing me to sign it over to them. We’re opening a restaurant as well it’s currently under construction; my pal snake from degrassi is in on it too.

We hear that you have a new friend, Johnny Rotten, how was he?

Ya, he came to my club. Holy crap I freaked the guy is one of my all time hero’s. I’ve been talking about it for a week. I used to see him in Venice LA a lot he lived near me. Look, he’s a total dick and PIL got so fucking bad “Anger is an Energy” seriously?!?!?!?! they turned into garbage!!!!! But the pistols 1st album and PIL’s 1st album are 2 of my favorite records of all time. Seeing him is like seeing a Beatle! I never go up to him though; I don’t want to be douched by him it’s like when woody Allen walked past me once.  You don’t want to say hi to celebs you love cuz if they’re assholes you can’t enjoy their shit anymore.

Well were not here to talk about Johnny Rotten. What about the show its amazing, the Vegas episode was the funniest. How was it stepping away from Spenny on this and being on your own?

It’s funny how almost everyone loves the Vegas episode the most. Not sure why? But I’m so happy everyone went crazy for the series. Spenny is really who he is on TV. He’s a hard guy for me to work with and he douched me for years while I slaved away making the show great. Dean and Jerry were the same way jerry did the work while dean played golf. It’s much better working alone. You can do anything you want; Neil Simon gave me the same advice in PITCH. He also said it’s all in the work; he said that to both Spenny and I. I think I’m the only one who listened.

Do you feel bad because of Spenny’s show sucks?

Listen, I’m not going to say anything about that. He has to live with his trolls. To me getting and doing a show is a fucking privilege, I don’t dick around! This is my life’s work and I’m the luckiest motherfucker in the world. The one thing I will say is Spenny had the chance to have a sitcom for many years on a broadcaster that loved him and I think he embarrassed them. If my shit gets cancelled, it’s not because it’s bad. It seems to the Kenny vs. Spenny fans who’s show was better. To me, I don’t care at all if his show is great or shit. I’m focused on “ME” not selling out, not doing garbage to make money or letting other people do my work for me. Or working on anyone else’s stuff. I don’t need to…Yet.

Is it still easy being yourself and being random, being random is the hardest thing ever don’t you think. Random is funny or the new black?

Not sure what the question is but I do what I do, I think my voice is pretty unique, I never though I’d be a cultish TV guy. I think I’m really just a normal guy who wants to fuck with the world; I guess I’m still a tad punk from my early teen years. I was a vandal as a kid egging houses and destroying shit I guess it never went away. But I do want to be loved. That’s very important to me.

What has been the most embarrassing moment of your life with a woman?

My fist kiss was with a girl at camp I was probably 8. She kissed me and I told her “your spit tastes terrific” then her pals jumped out and they all laughed at me and ran away. I actually cried. Now I’ve got abortions that are older than my girlfriend. She’s 23 I’m 44. C’EST la Vie!

Do you like women, if so what types of women do you look for?

I love all women even the fat ugly ones. I hunt for blind ones so they can’t describe me to the cops. They usually describe me black cuz I’m pretty huge down there.

If a hot chick was sitting next to you would you talk into her ear or just lick it?

Not really into licking ears mostly vaginas. The whole lick your feet ear thing is cheesy to me. But yes I talk a lot to girls. I have no fear. I’ve walked up to Streisand and chatted away it’s the Hotz charm I got it from my pop. I’m very social and have the gift of gab I guess that why I get to do my own shit. I walk into networks and pitch away. It’s all about convincing someone you’ll make him or her cash. Even in Canada where the system isn’t profit motivated as much.

Ok what I meant was obviously you’re spontaneous, so if you are that spontaneous how come you’re not out of focus and a blur?

Everything is about focus. My pal Kyle from South Park said to me once “like a laser!” I used it in the meat-eating episode as an ode to him. It’s now my mantra. Focus!

What do you think about comedy now compared to 1992 when you were busting out that Naff Naff jacket?

Back then I was so fucking poor. I had nothing I actually wore a rope belt during the gulf war because I spent every cent I had on a plane ticket and on 35mm film. I do have a  Prada shirt now, I know it’s cheesy but girls LOVE it. Fuck I’d have a French braided pink Mohawk if girls liked it!

Is comedy your drug, I mean you have been doing this for years. Ok let me ask something is the first thing you do is laugh out loud when you wake up in the morning?

No I’m just a happy guy. I love cracking jokes and making people laugh. It really is a Hotz family trait. But seriously I’m so fucking happy and lucky to be me I love my life so much! I wake up really early around 7am go on the computer till about 10am then I pal around with my broke friends go out and eat, then come home (I scored an amazing house during the market crash). I actually saved all my cash so I’m pretty secure about not working when I don’t need to work or not having to sell out cuz I’m poor. I just chill and have fun. About once a week I go out and get plastered. It’s a great routine, wouldn’t trade it for anything!

Your newest show The Triumph Of Will is amazing, it was rumored to be the best, everyone was whispering about it, you’re on your own now kid, do you feel there are some tough challenges for you each episode?

I can’t believe how much everyone loves it, seriously it’s invigorating! It’s great I love the respect. People are running up to me on the street and saying they are blown away by it. I think people really know who I am now. It was done off the cuff,  I only started knowing what “Triumph of the Will” was on the last episode. It was over right when I started to really know what the series is. It was kinda swept under the rug with the trailer park boys’ new show. I was surprised but proud it got the best reviews out of all the shows they did this year. They picked other shows to promote over mine and that hurt a lot. People really freaked for it and the Kenny vs. Spenny fans loved it. Which is amazing to me, that’s all I wanted; to do was a show that was better than Kenny vs. Spenny. Not specifically funnier just ‘better’ and I know I did that! My goal, as always, was to make a show good enough that people will be outraged if it doesn’t get picked up again, and I hope I’ve done that.

Why was your show on Action instead of Showcase?

Not really sure, ask them. Maybe they anticipated people being offended or something, but it never ended up happening. Even reserved television reviewers loved it. To be fair, since traditionally my shows get little or no promotion in Canada, I’m forced to push the line as far as I can to get people to talk and blog about my shows. Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how good your show is if nobody knows about it, so instead of relying on non-existent promotion, I try to attract people with water cooler content.  But in retrospect it sucks we weren’t on Showcase because Triumph of the Will has broad appeal too and we lost the ability to prove that other than with our reviews. Now that the KVS fans are on board, if we get another season, I would definitely focus on bigger and broader themes. I love the idea of having one of those rare shows that appeals to everyone, sometimes on different levels, and I’m a little sick of being highly downloaded, but on the fringe of television, besides, if I don’t start catering to a larger demographic, then there will be no more shows at all. Sometimes growing up is hard.

Who do you think is the funniest man alive right now?

Stephen Hawking

What was your worst episode in Kenny Vs Spenny?

I hated rapper. I wanted to do a wicked rap song in it but never did it right. When it came time for me to do an amazing song it sucked and I cut it. For me that show was about doing the sickest song ever and I fucked it up. I really regret doing that one, also the Cuba episode where Spenny sat in his tent and did what he does when he has no idea what he’s doing. Going through his backpack talking about what was in it. When I saw the footage he did in the edit I knew the series was over. Too bad I loved that series! It could’ve gone on forever. I just couldn’t let it get bad. It needed to end.

 And best episode in The Triumph Of Will show?

For me it’s the mom episode. I love that show. I love the whole series; I do think it was amazing. Also Kennibal might be my goodbye episode to the world.

What else is going on your world?

Not much else, I’m also opening a restaurant, which should be done soon, a gourmet pub. With my pals from the club. Very excited about that as well, I’m writing a feature. Working on new pitches and eventually I’ll go convince some president in LA to give me a show again. I hope!

Tell me something that’s not funny?


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  1. Randy Savage

    October 29, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    This guy is awesome! Kenny!

  2. Kates Box

    October 30, 2012 at 6:28 am

    Im sure Kenny and Spenny will end up doing another show one day.

    • Molly

      November 4, 2012 at 9:51 pm

      Oh god, drop it. He said its over.

      Good luck to Kenny and all his future endeavors!

  3. Thor

    November 7, 2012 at 7:42 am

    Kenny’s show better come back, there has got to be a way to get it back going again.

  4. Simonne LaVache

    December 4, 2012 at 2:59 am

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