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Albino Children Killed In Swaziland In Hopes To Cure HIV. WTF???

By on December 5, 2012

Albino children in Swaziland are not safe as there has been kidnappings and murders by crazy witch doctors, they believe that parts of the albinos body will bring them good luck and cure HIV/AIDS. Several killings of Albino children have occurred this year with police and 200 albino killings in the last two years.

Police say the body parts are used for “muti” (medicine) to cure HIV/AIDS, the superstition that which doctors are using as a blanket has lead to hundreds of albino children murdered and dismembered. This is a new belief as before the main target was for HIV/AIDS victims to have sex with children and virgins to cure themselves.

Tarzanian police states that a full set of albino body parts can sell up to $100,000 USD. Police have also issued free cell phones to albino childrens parents for emergency and are also planning a protection system for children. One in four Swazis between the ages of 15 and 49 is living with HIV.

We are all hoping that these witch doctors get incinerated, or have their hands before they get executed cut off so we can buy them and use them as ashtrays. This is by far the most shocking and horrible news, ever. We hope the police crack down hard on these witch doctors from hell.








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